Crafting Diversity. 

James Lambiasi and Kentaro Hayashi established Lambiasi + Hayashi Architects believing that a multi-cultural office is the ideal environment for creative design.  As we cross borders of culture and design convention in a bilingual environment, we provide every project with broad perspective while remaining focused on your design solution.  To bring thoughtfulness and innovation into every project, we include you into the design process fully, creating a collaborative experience in order to share the joy of crafting a new environment.  We feel that new design is a potent tool to bring fun and unexpected pleasure to everyday life, which is waiting to be discovered. 

The broad range of projects in our combined portfolio stress a multi-interdisciplinary comprehension of architecture, landscape, urban context, and interiors, placing deep importance on each project’s need to respond to each.  Our work experience spans many types of scales and programs, including retail, residential, hotel, office, interior, planning, and graphic design.

Material + Detail.

We create original design by paying thorough attention to the most important elements of building: material and detail.  In today's building market there is a limitless choice of materials available internationally, to which we apply our global knowledge to find the best building materials and method for your project.  Furthermore, we apply diligent thought to each material, creating beautiful details and harmonious spaces.  We see craftsmanship as the key element of our design. We believe that architectural detail and quality construction are critical.

Maximizing space usage through DETAIL.
As architects working in Japan we are accustomed to figuring out how to use small spaces to their maximum potential.  Small spaces are challenges, but often the motivator of innovative thinking and from this comes our best detail design.  Sliding doors allow spaces to connect yet separate when privacy is necessary, and familiarity with the wealth of Japanese products allow us to come up with innovative detail solutions.

Sliding doors of a meeting room allow a feeling of openess around the "kitchen" counter, and when closed can create a private meeting space.
A sliding table allows a place for clothing in a small shower room.
A folding table is used for testing in a counseling room.
Sliding doors help create an expansive living space when open, and a private guest room when closed.
Adding richness to spaces through MATERIAL.
Just as much as the form and function, materiality determines the emotional and aesthetic qualities of a space.  The color, texture,  translucency, softness or hardness all effect how they are percieved, therefore the right selection of materials requires deep knowledge of a material's characteristics and functional properties. Of utmost importance today is also sustainable properties, therefore how it is manufacturered, compounds it contains, longevity, and its overall carbon footprint, determine its use. Our special interest in material has been to investigate how color can add animate spaces, adding warmth and character. In addtion to this we base our selection on natural building materials such as wood and stone, always trying to complement the colors and patterns inherent in the material itself.

Natural metaterials such as wood, linoleum, and burlap wall covering create a varity of rich textures within one color scheme.

A corrogated metal facade covering gives this home a warm expression with bold color combinations and a natural wood deck.

A small lobby space is provides vibrant space through bold red and green color contrasts.

A clinic waiting room creates an inviting feeling with small niches for knick-knacks, while playing with color to accent natural wood paneling.

Shelving under a kitchen counter creates a dynamic geometric design whit woven red hemp cloth.

Careful selection of materials can create a warm and harmonious space.